"Law" means the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data" with all amendments and additions, as well as other legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

"Controller" means the person who is responsible for the processing and protection of Personal Data of Users located within the EU within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (the "GDRP").

"Site" means a unit of information on the Internet, a resource of web pages (documents) that are united by a common theme and linked
each other through links. It is registered to the Rights Holder and is necessarily linked to a specific domain, which is its address. This Policy is developed for the following website:

"Personal Data" means the aggregate of personal data and/or non-personalized information about the User provided by the User to the Rights Holder and/or automatically collected by the Rights Holder and/or third parties.

"Policy" means this Privacy Policy for the web site (with all existing additions and amendments).

"User" means the entity or individual that uses and/or accesses the Website from any device.

"User Agreement" means the agreement entered into between the Right Holder and the User regarding the procedure, rules and features of the use of the Website. The User joins such agreement and has no right to make and/or demand any changes or additions to it. The User can read the terms of the User Agreement at the following link: of use.

"Copyright holder" means the following person in whose name the Site is registered:

AEROLOGIC LLC, Legal address: 125319, Moscow, Kochenovsky proezd, 4, building 2, floor 3, room LXIII K1 O2

"Cookies" means small files sent by some site and placed on computers, smartphones, tablets, watches and other mobile devices of the User, to improve the sites,
as well as the quality of the content placed therein.

General Provisions

This Policy is used and applies solely to Personal Information received from the User in connection with their use of the Site. The provisions of this Policy are intended to:

(1) determine the types and types of Personal Data received, the uses and purposes for which Personal Data is used (processed), and the sources of such Personal Data; and

(2) defining the User's rights with respect to protecting the confidentiality of the Personal Data it transmits; and

(3) identification of the persons responsible for the processing and storage of Personal Data, as well as third parties to whom such data is disclosed (in whole or in part).

The rules of this Policy do not apply in the case of processing by third parties of Personal Data, which are voluntarily provided by the User.

By using the Website, the User agrees to the terms of this Policy and gives its consent to the Right Holder to collect, process, retain and store Personal Data in the manner and on the terms stipulated by this Policy.

If the User does not agree with the terms of the Policy and/or certain terms of the Policy are not clear to him, in this case the User must immediately stop using the Website.

User rights to protect personal data

In connection with the provision of Personal Data, the User automatically has the following rights:

(1) to obtain data relating to their processing (the grounds and purposes of such processing, the methods of processing used, information on the persons who have access to it or to whom it may be disclosed on the basis of a contract or the Act).

(2) to obtain data on the location and identification data of the persons who carry out the processing of Personal Data.

(3) to obtain data on the retention period of the Personal Data.

(4) to obtain data on the implemented or suspected cross-border transfer of Personal Data.

(5) to appeal against the actions or omissions of the Right holder to the authorized body for the protection of the rights of subjects of personal data or in court.

(6) obtain compensation for losses and/or compensation for moral damages in court as a result of violations of the rights of the User to the protection and defence of their Personal Data by the Rights Holder and/or third parties.

(7) exercise other rights in the field of personal data protection, stipulated by the Law or the provisions of this Policy.

Non-personal information about users

In connection with the use of the Website the Owner of the Rights may automatically collect and process the following non-personalized information about the User

(1) information about traffic, possible number of clicks, logs and other data.

(2) information about the device (identification number of the device from which you log in, operating system, platform, browser type and other browser information, IP address).

Personal information about the Users

The user provides the Rights Holder with the following personal data about himself:

(1) full last name, first name and middle name.

(2) cell phone number.

(3) data and information obtained as a result of combining certain Personal Data of a particular User, as well as data and information obtained about the User from third parties (partners, marketers, researchers).

The User is solely responsible for the completeness of the provided personal (personal) data and is obliged to make timely changes (update, verification, correction) on a regular basis.

The copyright holder assumes that all personal data provided by the User is true, and that the User keeps such information up to date.

Use of Captcha

The Site incorporates Captcha, which is a type of cookie whose purpose in this case is (1) to protect the User from possible spam from third parties on the Internet as well as from other irrelevant and/or prohibited content, and (2) to identify the User in order to distinguish it from bots/robots, and (3) to improve the User's ability to use the content of the Site.

Logging into the Site allows Captcha to automatically access and collect the following information:

(1) Cookies installed in the browser within the last six (6) months; and/or

(2) the number of clicks made by the User; and/or (3) web page styling information; and/or

(4) browser language settings; and/or

(5) plug-ins installed in User's browser; and/or (6) all Javascript objects.

Use of Cookies.

The Site uses certain Cookies to store the IP address, User preferences, or the type of device used in order to (1) maintain statistics on visits and traffic to the Site, and(2) personalize the data displayed to the User, and(3) store data needed to identify the User, including when accessed from different devices, and (4) display advertisements according to the interests and preferences of the User. The Site may use both the Right Holder's own Cookies and third-party Cookies.

Definition of processing purposes

Personal Data shall be collected and processed for the following purposes:

(1) to analyze User behavior and to identify User preferences for certain types of content.

(2) for the operational and correct operation of the Site, improving its functionality and content.

(3) to identify the User.

(4) to comply with the requirements of the Law.

(5) for technical support of the Site, identifying problems in its operation and fixing them.

(6) to communicate with the User (communication).

(7) to perform other obligations of the Rights Holder that
arisen to the User.

(8) for conducting statistical research.

(9) for any other purpose, subject to the separate consent of the User.

Processing of Personal Data is based on the principles of: (1) legitimacy of the purposes and methods of processing; and (2) good faith; and (3) consistency of the purposes of Personal Data processing with the purposes predetermined and stated when collecting such Personal Data; and (4) consistency of the amount and nature of the Personal Data processed with the stated purposes of their processing.

Conditions for processing of Personal Data

Processing of Personal Data is carried out when:(1) the consent of the User is obtained; or (2) the Right Holder achieves the objectives under an international treaty or the Law; or (3) the User provides its Personal Data to an unlimited number of people; or (4) the Right Holder meets other obligations to the User, including but not limited to providing certain content to the User; or (5) saving the life or health of the User when consent to processing their Personal Data is not obtained.

In the case of depersonalization of Personal Data, which does not allow directly or indirectly identify the User, the subsequent use and disclosure of such data to third parties is allowed and the rules of this Policy no longer apply to them.
The Rights Holder shall take all possible measures to protect the confidentiality of the Personal Data received, except in cases where the User has made such data publicly available.

Processing of Personal Data is carried out with and without the use of means of automation.

Use of analytical platforms

The Rights Holder shall use the Google Analytics platform to (1) track the frequency of Users' visits to the Website; and(2) track the ways in which the User uses the Website and/or its content; and (3) identify the type and type of content that is popular among Users; and(4) determine the User's location. The User also gives its consent to the Right Holder to use the information obtained about the User from Google Analytics.

For these purposes, the Google Analytics platform may collect data about the User's IP address, geolocation, behavior, as well as their preferences and interest in particular content.

The Google Analytics platform shall access the Personal Data in order to provide the Right Holder with an understanding of how effective its Website is, what kind of content is popular, how effective the placement of certain advertisements in it is, and for the purposes of developing and/or improving the Right Holder's existing marketing strategy.

By using the Site, the User agrees to the privacy policy (Privacy Policy) of Google Analytics and to the automatic installation
on the User's device the relevant Cookie Files.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

The Copyright Holder may disclose Personal Data (1) to its affiliates, branches and representative offices, opened both in the Russian Federation and in other countries; (2) to successors of the Copyright Holder, which arose out of its liquidation, reorganization or bankruptcy, and which obtained exclusive rights to the Website; (3) to third parties solely for the purpose of providing the User with certain content or access to it; (4) to third parties, when the User gave their consent
to the disclosure, transfer or processing of their Personal Data, as well as in other cases expressly provided by the Law or this Policy.

The Right Holder discloses Personal Data only if (1) it is confident that third parties will comply with the terms of this Policy and take the same measures to protect the confidentiality of Personal Data as the Right Holder itself does, and(2) consent to such disclosure has been previously expressed by the User and/or is permitted under the Law.

Advertising on the Website

The Licensor does not place advertisements on the Site.

Demand to stop processing of Personal Data

Each User has the right to express their objection to the Rights Holder against the processing and/or storage of their Personal Data. Such an objection may be expressed as follows:

The request must be sent by the Rights Holder to the following address:

Request for information about Personal Data

If the User has any questions relating to the manner of application or use of this Policy, the manner and/or method of processing Personal Data, the User may raise such a question as follows:

The question should be sent to the right holder at the following address:

Change (update, update, correction) or deletion of personal data
The User has the right to change or delete Personal Data at any time by sending a special request to the Right Holder at the following address:

The Rights Holder has the right to refuse to change or delete Personal Data if such actions would lead(1) to a violation of the rules of this Policy; or (2) to a violation of the Law; or (3) the nature of the Personal Data is evidence in any legal process arising between the Rights Holder and the User.

Storage shall be performed independently by the Right Holder.

The storage is carried out for the entire period necessary to achieve the stated purposes of the processing of Personal Data.

The Rights Holder is obliged to destroy or anonymize the Personal Data immediately after achieving the purpose of the Personal Data processing.

Users in the Russian Federation

The Site may be used by individuals under 18 years of age.

The Site collects personal data about Users, so the use of the Site by minor Users is allowed only with the prior consent of the legal representative (guardian) for the processing of Personal Data. Such consent must be given as follows:

sending a scan of the passport of the legal representative to the following email address:

If a minor User is unable to provide consent to the processing of his Personal Data from his legal representative (guardian),
in such case, such User must immediately stop using the Site.

Users in the European Union

This Site and/or its Content is directed to persons under the age of 16.

Because the Site collects personal information about Users, users under the age of 16 (unless a lower threshold is established by the national legislation of the Member State of the European Union in whose territory the Site is available) can use this Site only with the prior consent of their legal representative (guardian) to process Personal Information, which must be provided as follows

sending a scan of the passport of the legal representative to the following email address:

Protection of confidentiality of Personal Data is the primary and important task for the Rights Holder. The Rights Holder adheres to all required international standards, rules and recommendations for the protection of Personal Data.

The Right Holder has implemented a number of technical and organizational methods aimed at protecting Personal Data from disclosure or unauthorized access to it by third parties. To ensure the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data received, the Right Holder uses the following security methods:

(1) SSL (Security Sockets Layer) protocol.

General provisions

Inasmuch as the Website is accessible for the users from the European Union the Rightholder undertakes additionally to adhere to the GDRP provisions.
The Rights Holder is the controller in understanding of this Policy.
The Right Holder shall store Personal Data for a reasonable period of time necessary to achieve the purposes of processing, but not less than the period prescribed by the local law of the Member State of the European Union, in whose territory the Site is accessible, for the storage of a particular type of Personal Data. Upon expiry of the period established for storage, the Right Holder undertakes to immediately destroy or anonymize such data.

Rights of users in the area of personal data protection

Pursuant to Chapter 3 of the GDRP, Users within the European Union have the following rights in the area of protection of Personal Data: (1) the right to be informed of their Personal Data; and(2) the right of access to their Personal Data; (and3) the right to rectification of Personal Data; (4) the right to erasure of Personal Data; and (5) the right to restrict processing of Personal Data; and (6) the right to data portability; and (7) the right to object.

Accessibility of this policy

Users may review the terms of this Policy at the following link
the following link:
This Policy may be translated into a foreign language for those Users who access the Site outside of the Russian Federation. In case of a discrepancy between the text of the original (Russian) and its translation, the language of the original shall prevail.

This version of the Policy shall apply as of March 29, 2022.

Amendments and additions to this Policy

This Policy may be amended from time to time. Right Holder is not responsible in any way to the User for changing the terms of this Policy without permission and/or consent of the User.
The User agrees to review the terms of this Policy on a regular basis to see if it may be amended or supplemented.

Applicable Law

This Policy is developed in compliance with the current legislation on personal data protection of the Russian Federation, in particular, with the norms of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ
"On Personal Data" (with all additions and amendments), the Federal Law of July 21, 2014 No. 242-FZ "On Amending
The risk of disclosure of personal data in the form of personal data protection regulations (General Data Protection Regulation) of 27 April 2016 (with all additions and amendments).

Risk of disclosure.

Regardless of the measures taken by the Rights Holder to protect the confidentiality of personal data received, the User is hereby deemed to be duly informed that any transmission of Personal Data on the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be secure, and therefore the User carries out such transmission at its own risk.